4 – 6 September 2024
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Other IBEW Events

Enabling the Entire Built Environment Ecosystem

BEX Asia

Co-locating with IBEW, BEX Asia is the must-attend tradeshow showcasing market-ready innovations, digitalisation and sustainability solutions for the built environment.

For more information, please visit www.BEX-asia.com

BCA Awards

A series of Awards organised by BCA to recognise high standards in various fields such as digital transformation, quality, design and engineering excellence. The awards are:

  • Company of the Year Award
  • Project of the Year Award (formerly known as BCA Built Environment Transformation Award)
  • Design and Engineering Safety Award
  • Quality Excellence Award 
  • Universal Design Excellence Award

For more information, please visit: https://www1.bca.gov.sg/buildsg/bca-awards


ConTech Summit and BE Demo Day

The new addition to IBEW, ConTech Summit, aims to bring start-ups and venture capitalists together, supporting the development of innovative ideas and solutions to help the Built Environment increase productivity and efficiency. Promising innovators will also have a chance to present their cutting-edge technologies to a panel of judges, vying for prestigious awards.

CEOs in Conversation

An exclusive session for senior leaders to congregate, network and share insights, experiences and innovations that will drive the built environment sector forward. 

By invitation only.

Learning Journeys

Site tours to exemplary projects in Singapore provide Delegates real-life experiences where you will see how innovative solutions work in real situations.

Seats are limited, registration is required.

Future Talent Programme

This engagement programme aims to provide our young talents a glimpse to the real world and inspire them with opportunities in the built environment sector. Students from institutes of higher learning from all over the world can participate in the International Building Design Competition (IBDC) to express their aspirations of a built environment that blend work, play and live. Students can also look forward to Brown Bag sharing session from industry leaders on the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Industry Networking Night

Build connections that matters. Strengthen your business relationships with other industry professionals from the entire ecosystem. 

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