4 – 6 September 2024
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Asia’s most anticipated Built Environment week

The International Built Environment Week (IBEW) is organised by BCA International, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), in partnership with RX Singapore. Widely regarded as the most comprehensive event for the built environment in Asia Pacific, IBEW is the ideal platform for the global community to converge and share knowledge, exchange experiences and explore business opportunities.

Anchoring the week is a three-day conference, themed “Solving For Tomorrow, Today” that aims to spark forward thinking and mindset change to accelerate Singapore's BE Industry Transformation Map (ITM) together.

Construction Automation

Project Case Studies 


Modern Methods of Constructions (MMC)

Regenerative Architecture


An event you cannot afford to miss

Get up to date on latest trends, cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions

Build connections that matters. Strengthen relations through various networking opportunities

Explore collaborative partnerships to grow your business

Gain points for renewal of practicing certificate and license

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Customised branding, speaking and partnership opportunities can be explored should you have something special in mind. 

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