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The experience from this digital format of IBEW has certainly pushed the boundaries of many seasoned practitioners in this industry, beyond the unimaginable and set new standards for future collaborations. Kudos to the organising committee!

Mr. Martin Choo

Assistant Director

C&W Services

IBEW 2020 Delegate

This year’s digital event was amazing! I can’t wait to see what future IBEW holds. Thank you for the amazing opportunities and knowledge throughout the whole event.

Ms. Izah Hamdani

Special Duties Officer Authority on Building Control and Construction Authority (Brunei Darussalam)

IBEW 2020 Delegate

This is the only comprehensive expo/event in this region available. It truly helps all of us in the industry to upgrade our knowledge and learn new technologies.

Ms. Kelly Lee

Associate Director

BSD Consultancy Sdn Bhd

IBEW 2020 Delegate

IBEW is the conference to attend if you want to get the latest updates on the built environment sector in Singapore & around the globe.

Mr. Tony Khoo

Chief Executive Officer

EM Services Pte Ltd

IBEW 2020 Speaker

En pointe topics, insightful speakers and superbly organised. World class event not to be missed!

Ar. Joelle Chen

Programme Director


IBEW 2020 Speaker

The event was well organised, it had great speakers with excellent content. The interaction between the speakers made it very interesting.

Mr. Bernie Devine

Regional Director, Asia Pacific

Yardi Systems

IBEW 2020 Speaker

Digital IBEW has been a fantastic event, with great contents focused on the trends and development in the Building & Construction arena particularly in this pandemic period. We’re excited for next year’s event.

Mr. Jan Chew

Category Manager

Bostik Asia Pacific

IBEW 2020 Exhibitor

It has been an excellent event for us.  Our company, products, and services are getting more attention because of IBEW!

Mr. Ts Zamzul Khairi Zulkifli

Director of Operational Excellence

Bis Way Energy Sdn Bhd

IBEW 2020 Exhibitor


An essential event for the future of the construction industry.

Ms. Marine Esteban

Marketing Manager


IBEW 2020 Exhibitor