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Chief Executive Officer
National Environment Agency

Mr Luke Goh is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore. NEA is tasked with sustaining a clean and green environment through partnership with the people, public and private sectors. Key pillars of NEA’s work include improving resource sustainability, environmental protection, environmental public health management, and the provision of meterorological services.

Prior to joining the NEA, Luke was Deputy Secretary (Trade) at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, responsible for Singapore’s trade and external economics relations. This included the negotiation and implementation of free trade agreements with Singapore’s key trading partners, as well as promoting Singapore’s interests at regional and multilaterlal fora such as ASEAN, APEC and the WTO.

He has also held various roles in the Ministry of Health, Public Service Division, and in the Institute of Governance and Policy in Civil Service College. He is a Board member of Enterprise Singapore, and several other entities.

Luke started his public service career at the Monetary Authority of Singapore when he was privileged to serve in a range of central banking, reserves management and development functions.