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Managing Director
United Tec Construction

Allan Tan has worked in the construction field for 40 years on projects In Europe, Africa and Asia. Spending the last 20+ years in Singapore, he has attained an enormous insight into the Singapore built environment industry and engages with BCA, developers, and consultant leaders in spearheading construction innovation and technology.

In the last 7 years, he pioneered steel and concrete PPVC system and followed through by partnering with BCA and Consultants in pushing for continued PPVC adoption in projects nationwide. He has successfully implemented PPVC in residential, hotel and healthcare projects, including the then world’s tallest PPVC project (40 storeys).

In 2018, Allan set up his own company, United Tec Construction. In the company’s 3 years of operation, they achieved an order book of S$1 billion, and have been awarded 5 PPVC projects. The first project awarded was the Avenue South Residence, which at 56 storeys, will be the future world record holder of the tallest PPVC structure in 2022. Despite recent global challenges, the Avenue South Residence project is expected to be completed on schedule partly due to the use of PPVC. He is currently focused on growing his company, and also help the industry continue to adopt innovative methods to improve productivity.