Dr. Chris Luebkeman

Arup Fellow Director of Global Foresight, Research + Innovation

Arup Fellow and Director of Global Foresight + Research + Innovation, Dr. Chris Luebkeman works with some of the world’s leading companies to develop a better understanding of the opportunities created by change in our built environment.

Since joining Arup in 1999 Luebkeman has facilitated the creation of an e-commerce strategy, initiated research projects on the designer’s desktop of the future, and encouraged thinking about the evolution of the firm’s skills networks into a knowledge network. Luebkeman promotes the highest standards of design and technical skill to ensure that Arup is one of the world’s leading practitioners in its chosen fields.

He worked with the LTA of Singapore to craft their Autonomous Vehicle adaptation strategy, Qualcomm on their Connected Street Program, and with the executive council of the MTR of Hong Kong on their strategic plan 2030.