held pre-IBEW

BCA Academy is organising a series of specially curated technical seminars to facilitate the deep dive learning and latest strategies/ solutions/ technologies in support of key ITM areas on:

  • Integrated Digital Delivery
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Human Capital Development

This is a separate ticketed Seminar Series to be held pre-IBEW to complement the IBEW conference. 

*Final topics may subject to change.  

Who Should Attend

The Lead-in Technical Seminar Series are suitable for all levels of personnel and professionals who are working in the built environment sector.

Fee: S$160 per seminar (incl. 7% GST)

CPD Points:
SGBC (only for sustainability track): TBC

Session 1: Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Decarbonisation in the Built Environment through Sustainable Materials

Date: 5 Aug 2022 (Fri)  |  Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus 

This seminar shares with industry practitioners on sustainable and innovative building materials; as well as how quantifying carbon footprint could help to accelerate decarbonisation efforts. 

  • Built Environment Transformation Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme
  • A Unified SG Embodied Carbon Calculator for the Built Environment
  • Sustainable Financing for Green Building Materials
  • Innovative Concrete: A Low-Carbon Technology
  • Green & Sustainable Construction with Recycled & High Strength Steel
  • Optimising Facade Performance through Sustainable Thermal Insulation Materials

Session 2: Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA)

The Next Bound of PPVC Adoption

Date: 12 Aug 2022 (Fri)  |  Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus 

This seminar touches on the latest development & innovations in design principles, digital modelling, alternative materials and PPVC fabrication techniques, in improving construction efficiency and taking project productivity to the next level. 

  • Efficiency in PPVC Design and Buildability through Modularization
  • Enhancement of PPVC Design Efficiency with IDD
  • Improving off-site productivity with modular production technology
  • Light-Weight PPVC with Alternative Construction Materials
  • PPVC construction planning and management – a case study

Session 3: Human Capital Development

Accelerating Transformation through Strategic Human Capital Development

Date: 21 Oct 2022 (Fri)  |  Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus 

The seminar spotlights on emerging trends in jobs & skills, talent management and human capital strategies crucial for built environment firms to gear and accelerate transformation, as well as exemplary case studies on best practices in human capital development. 

  • HR Benchmarking Study for BE Sector
  • Creating Interpersonal Trust in Organisation for Collaboration and Innovation 
  • Developing Talents in Preparation for Industry Transformation
  • Powering a High Performance and Agile Human Capital 

Session 4: Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

Harnessing Data for Enhanced Integrated Digital Delivery

Date: 18 Aug 2022 (Thu)  |  Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus 

The seminar shares insights on trends, innovations and practical strategies on how the stakeholders could better manage and harness data gathered to maximise potential of IDD. 

  • Achieving More Efficient Contract & Cost Management with Data
  • Using AI & Data Optimisation through 360 Photography for Construction
  • The Smart Digital Reality: Beyond Digital Twin & Smart Workflows for IDD
  • Integrating Right Data at the right place