September 2024
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore





Networking Breakfast & BCA Awards by Minister for National Development & Minister of Social Services Integration 


0950 - 1030

Plenary 1: Finding New Ways to Old Problems: The Power of Lateral Thinking  ​​

As a BE leader, you are tasked with leading organizational change to bring your company to greater heights. How do you foster a culture of innovation within your workplace and encourage creative thinking to embrace new ideas? How would you unlock the full potential of your team and drive your company towards greater success and growth by fostering a culture of innovation? ​​

Our opening keynote speaker, Shane Show, a well-known speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of Contently and SHOWRUNNER, will set the stage and share about how enabling change through the power of lateral thinking. He will dive deep on how to learn from others and how to look at challenges through new lenses and perspective to renew and open your minds to get ahead in your organizations. ​​

Shane Snow, Keynote speaker, Author and Co-Founder, Contently and SHOWRUNNER​​

1030 – 1100​

Fireside Chat: Lateral Thinking in the Built Environment

Shane Snow, Keynote speaker, Author and Co-Founder, Contently and SHOWRUNNER ​​

Diana Ser, Media Personality (Moderator) 


1100 – 1130​

Plenary 2: How AI is Impacting the Way the World Works

The Built Environment industry is constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve efficiency and performance through the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in building management systems (BMS) software, from lighting to HVAC, etc. But where will these development lead us in the future and how will they revolutionize the way we operate and manage buildings? ​​

Hear from Zack Kass, Technologist and Futurist who is a highly respected figure in the field of technology and innovation on how this will affect other industries and how it could potentially impact the BE industry. Discover how generative AI can revolutionize and transform the design process by automating repetitive tasks, generating design options, and providing real-time feedback on design performance.  ​

1130 – 1145​

Sustainable Urban Renewal (SUR): Integrating Technology to Futureproof Buildings ​​

  • Older buildings of dwindled efficiencies continue to produce high carbon emissions, contributing to climate change.  
  • Keppel’s SUR initiative aims to upgrade their performance through digitalisation, technologies and building solutions including AI. 
  • The business case for sustainability: How do low-carbon buildings save money – and save the planet? 

Tan Szue Hann, Head, Sustainability/Deputy General Manager, Sustainable Urban Renewal, Real Estate Division, Keppel Corporation

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1130 – 1230 

Panel: Adopting and Implementing Digital Tools to Streamline Complex Processes and Improve Workflow

Zack Kass, Technologist and Futurist

Tan Szue Hann, Head, Sustainability/Deputy General Manager, Sustainable Urban Renewal, Real Estate Division, Keppel Corporation

Sybil Tan, Director of Infratech, Infrastructure, PwC Singapore

Ben Moo, Built Environment Sector Leader - ASEAN and East Asia, Mott MacDonald

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1230 – 1400

Sit-down Luncheon with Allocated Seating

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1400 – 1420​

Understanding the Key Role of Partnerships in Accelerating Decarbonisation

  • Public-Private Partnership model in Sonderborg (forming hotspots and working groups, milestones reached, learnings, etc) , and how that can be localized in Singapore through the Singapore Polytechnic partnership
  • Carbon neutral target in 2029 and strategy of Reduce (energy efficiency), Reuse (energy recovery), Re-source (source green energy), which is an experience Project Zero is sharing to Singapore Polytechnic through the partnership
  • ProjectZero recognized as a global leader in decarbonization (EU, IEA, etc) and how the partnership with Singapore Polytechnic will be a model for other international collaboration by both organizations

Brian Seeberg, CEO ProjectZero


1420 – 1450​

Plenary 3: Adopting Lean Concepts and Its Transformative Approach to Sustainability and Manufacturing

Discover the game-changing potential of Lean principles for sustainable manufacturing in the Built Environment sector. With their proven ability to optimize processes, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency, Lean concepts can revolutionize your operations while driving cost savings of up to 30%. ​​

Gain invaluable industry insights and real-life case studies showcasing the successful integration of Lean principles into sustainable manufacturing processes in the Built Environment sector. Be at the forefront of the sustainability revolution and unlock the transformative power of Lean concepts for your business, whether you are a developer, contractor, engineer, consultant or architect. ​​

John Hamalian, Director, Lean Enterprise Southeast Asia ​

1450 - 1510

Enabling The Future of Sustainable Construction in Singapore

  • The Push for Industry Transformation in the Built Environment Sector
  • Smart Net Zero Buildings enabled by generative design, sustainable materials, and digital manufacturing
  • State of Innovation for Construction 3D printing Technology
  • The Use of more Sustainable Materials with Recycling and Upcycling
  • The Path to Adoption and Mass Deployment 

Dr. Ho Chaw Sing, Chief Executive Officer, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC)

1510 - 1540

Panel: Integrating Advanced Manufacturing Concepts into the Built Environment

John Hamalian, Director, Lean Enterprise Southeast Asia ​​

Dr. Ho Chaw Sing, Chief Executive Officer, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC)

Prof. Daniel Wong, Associate Professor, Department of Built Environment, NUS (Moderator)

1540 – 1600 ​

Networking Tea Break 


1600 – 1630 ​

Plenary 4: Creating Sustainable Smart Cities: Fostering a Cohesive Digital Eco-system

The ITM places a great emphasis on digital delivery and there are a considerable number of digital tools available in the market to help achieve this goal. But more than often, these digital tools work in silos without any form of standardization and it can be quite daunting to identify and integrate them into one cohesive system that will improve both productivity and efficiency. ​​

In this session, Manminder Takhar, Global CTO, Global Digital Cities for Dell Technologies, will explore the various digital technologies available in the market for the built environment industry, and how to create a streamlined digital eco-system and adopt them to streamline complex work processes and improve workflow. This includes the use of cloud computing, AI and machine learning. ​​

He will also share insights from Dell’s experience working with other industries to digitalise their processes their workflow and share how to adopt best practices from other relevant sectors. ​​

Manminder Takhar, Global CTO for Global Smart Cities, Dell Technologies ​

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1630 – 1700​

Pioneering a Sustainable Future: Building Smarter, Net Zero Cities

Anu Rathninde, President, APAC, Johnson Controls 

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1700 – 1730

Fostering Innovation and Technological Advancement in the Built Environment

Manminder Takhar, Global CTO for Global Smart Cities, Dell Technologies

Anu Rathninde, President, APAC, Johnson Controls 

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1730 – 2000​

Industry Networking Night​

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