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Net Zero, Our Springboard For Transformation

10 August 2021

While Covid-19 has shaken the world, the threat posed by climate change has notgone away. The increased interest in net zero target setting signals a long-term shiftto decarbonise economies in response to climate emergency. More than just abuzzword in the 21st century, net zero is certainly the springboard for thetransformation of our built environment sector. However, in the fragmented andproject-focused built environment sector, how can we bring together the whole valuechain to drive transformation based on a common vision?

Join us in IBEW 2021 and gain insights on possible pathways for a net zero built environment!

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Leading The Way Towards A Share Vision For The Be Sector

4 August 2021

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a moulder of consensus.” Come join the discourse as our industry leaders weigh in on the moulding of Singapore’s built environment sector towards a consensus of a shared vision and lead the way towards the securing of a brighter future for the sector in the midst of the current myriad of uncertainties. Sign up for IBEW now! 

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5 Days Left to Enjoy Early Bird Promotion

27 July 2021

Early bird promotion for digital IBEW 2021 is ending in 5 days – on 31 July! Actquickly to get the access to the most anticipated and inclusive event on the builtenvironment this year! Since its inception in 2019, IBEW has been providing aglobal platform for discussions on challenges and opportunities facing the builtenvironment industry. 

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A Smart Future Of The Built Environment

22 July 2021

Do we find ourselves standing on the brink of the next big technologicalrevolution that will revamp the way we work and relate to each otherconstantly? Truth to be told, the built environment sector is of no exceptionto this transformation. It is our pleasure to therefore invite you to join us inour endeavours to re-imagine this smart future of the built environmentwith IBEW 2021. 

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Building Resilience and Agility in the Face of Adversity!

8 July 2021

IBEW 2021 has invited renowned built environment leaders to offer insights on how we can build a robust industry value chain.  Join us and find out how you too can enhance your resilience and agility, and create value for your business in the face of adversity. 

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Registration for digital IBEW 2021 is now OPEN!

23 June 2021

This year’s IBEW returns with a new digital format to enhance your learning experience.Draw inspiration from industry leaders who will share their vision and experience at thespecially curated digital conference, and keep abreast of the latest built environmenttechnologies and innovations at the digital tradeshow. We will also offer excitingnetworking opportunities to help transform your business.

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Zero Carbon – One Step Closer to a Sustainable Future

2 June 2021

Singapore recently introduced further restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Your safety and well-being remain our highest priority. In view of the current situation, IBEW 2021 will go digital this year.

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Riding The Wave Of Transformation For The Be Sector

27 Apr 2021

The BE in Awe and BE Connect series are specially curated to instil a better understanding of the latest trends and implementation challenges in accelerating our goal towards digital transformation, zero carbon and smart cities. Join us at the IBEW and prepare to ride the wave of transformation for the BE sector!

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Kickstart Your Transformation Journey With IBEW 2021

25 Mar 2021

IBEW 2021 presents a series of thought leadership discourse, offering a glimpse of the built environment sector of the future. Join us at Asia Pacific’s most anticipated built environment event for inspiration and a chance to learn, network and explore business opportunities.

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A Time to Recover, Rebound & Re-Imagine

9 Feb 2021

IBEW 2021 returns with brand-new hybrid format. Themed “Re-imagining the Future”, the event will emphasize on what’s next for the built environment sector and highlight the trends and opportunities that will facilitate business transformation in the post-pandemic world.

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Thank you for being part of Digital IBEW 2020

9 Oct 2020

And it’s a wrap! After a month of learning, networking and exchange of ideas, the digital IBEW 2020 has come to a close. Thank you for sharing our aspiration to push the boundaries of innovation to build greater resilience and adaptability in the postpandemic era.

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Reimagining the Future of the Built Environment

6 Oct 2020

Week 4 and 5 of IBEW 2020 saw industry thought leaders coming together to review the current state and deliberate the future of the built environment.

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From Disruption to Transformation – Digitalisation & Innovation in the Built Environment Sector

24 Sep 2020

From generative design technologies to digital twin solutions, the third week of Digital IBEW 2020 saw speakers from across the globe discuss the latest digital technologies and their adoption amidst industry transformation and disruptions brought about by COVID-19.

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Join the Gathering of Minds: What Lies Ahead for the Built Environment Sector

22 Sep 2020

COVID has irrevocably changed the way the built environment sector has to operate. Join our industry experts and business leaders as they discuss the future of the built environment sector and how we can emerge stronger and more resilient in a post-pandemic era.

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IBEW 2020 Week 4 – Reimagining the Built Environment in the Post-Pandemic Era

18 Sep 2020

Week 4 of IBEW 2020 will continue with more discussions on how the built environment sector could future-proof itself. Join our industry experts and business leaders as they share their vision of the built environment in the post-COVID era.

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Staying Ahead of the Sustainability Curve

16 Sep 2020

Week 2 of Digital IBEW 2020 continued to build on the momentum of the first. In the midst of COVID-19 and with climate change on the horizon, guest presenters from leading organisations shared their sustainability blueprints for the road ahead.

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Coming up on IBEW 2020 Week 3: Digitalisation

11 Sep 2020

Thank you for joining us at the Digital IBEW 2020 this week. We hope you have gained meaningful insights into sustainability of the built environment post-COVID. IBEW 2020 will be back next week with more sessions focusing on digitalisation. Join our panellists as they discuss how digital technologies can help overcome disruptions and revolutionise the way buildings are designed, built and operated.

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IBEW 2020: A Week in Summary

9 Sept 2020

Week 1 of Digital IBEW 2020 opened with a clear message for the built environment sector – to emerge stronger from COVID19, companies must focus on driving innovation and doing things differently. Now, more so than ever, digitalisation will play an important role in changing business processes, improving productivity and enhancing customer engagement and experience.

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Discussing the Future of Sustainability at Digital IBEW 2020

4 Sep 2020

The digital International Built Environment week (IBEW) 2020 – Asia Pacific’s Go-To Event on the Built Environment will continue this week with more insightful sessions. Catch our line-up of industry experts and business leaders as they share their experiences and discuss what sustainability means in the post-COVID era.

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Count Down to Asia Pacific’s GoTo Event on the Built Environment

27 Aug 2020

We’re less than a week to the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) 2020, Asia Pacific’s Go-To Event on the Built Environment. Have you registered yet?

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Rethinking the Way We Design, Build and Operate Our Buildings

24 Aug 2020

COVID-19 has brought along many unprecedented challenges to the built environment sector and value chain globally. The impact of COVID-19 will form the backdrop of the discussions at this year’s International Built Environment Conference (IBEC). Calling for a rethink of the way we design, build and operate our buildings for greater resilience against such disruptions, the IBEC will look into the best practices and innovation in digitalisation, sustainability, advanced construction and smart facilities management.

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Are You Ready for the Next Big Innovation?

20 Aug 2020

Join us at the BEAMP Demo Day and feel the pulse of Singapore’s built environment innovation ecosystem as some 20 innovators converge to pitch their innovative solutions to address challenges faced by the built environment sector.

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Lessons from COVID for the Built Environment sector

13 August 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to economies worldwide. Join industry experts and business leaders as they share lessons learnt and offer insights on what the built environment sector can do to ensure a smooth and transformative recovery.

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Registration for the digital IBEW 2020 is now open!

5 August 2020

Gain insights from thought leaders, discover the latest innovations and build networks as the built environment community converges to discuss how the sector can emerge stronger and become more resilient, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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[IBEW 2020] Did Someone Say Free?

16 July 2020

The International Built Environment Week (IBEW) 2020 will focus on innovation andtransformation. Comprising aseries of webinars, trade shows, innovative showcases, connectivityand networking opportunities,all hosted on an integrated digital platform, the event promises aplethora of learning and business opportunities for the built environment sector.

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IBEW 2020 is going digital!

18 June  2020

Singapore has now reopened her economy under a planned three-phased approach.  Notwithstanding, your safety and well-being remain our highest priority.  Hence, the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) will go digital this year.

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Get Ready to be Inspired!

3 Mar 2020

The International Built Environment Conference (IBEC) 2020, an integral part of the IBEW, will centre its discussions around the importance of innovation in developing a smarter and more sustainable built environment. Featuring a slew of expert speakers, leaders and influencers, the IBEC 2020 promises thought-provoking insights and discussions on current and future trends for the global built environment.

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