REDAS Bicentennial Event 2019 – Celebrating REDAS’ 60th Anniversary

To commemorate 200 years of history for Singapore, the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) organised a 10-day bicentennial event at Raffles Place Park from 21 – 30 August 2019.  The main attraction of this event was the projection installation which took the form of 2 iconic domes specially equipped to connect and engage every visitor in a fully-immersive experience, with digital movements and spectacular visuals.

World Engineers Summit (WES) 2019

Hosted by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore, the World Engineers Summit (WES) was held in Singapore, from 27 – 30 August 2019.  Convening under the theme, “Engineering Future Cities – Harnessing and Managing Technologies to Improve Quality of Life, the WES is a focal point for ideas, research findings and best practices on climate change.  The forum addressed a range of critical issues in engineering and sustainability.

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